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Corporate Social Responsibility

How we shape our corporate social responsibility by capitalizing
on the strength of our business and our area of expertise ?


Having great relationships and working closely with your company’s stakeholders creates a competitive advantage. When you take extra effort to give your suppliers more opportunities to deliver for your business, they are more loyal and more willing to go the extra mile for you and your customers.


Identifying my company’s core values was a group effort. Autenthic values demonstrated by trust worthy leaders are also proven to provide companies with viable competitive advantages. After much thought, the following became the four core values that we continue to live by, even 10 years later: • Work as a Team, Win as a Team • Employees first, always • Commitement to excellence • Never Give Up


Think about how you could be empowering your employees more and inspiring greater accountability on your team -- two key ingredients of conscious leadership. Once employees know you have their back, they’ll pass that sentiment along to other team members instead of having the mentality of “every man for himself.


While the new “business center” model may not be a fit for all organizations, one thing we know is that office as we know it will be different in the coming years. Work from anywhere will become a norm, company real estate footprints may shrink and employees will expect much more of their employers than ever before.


There isn’t a single “right” way to invest in your employees, since different industries will have different needs and different brands will have different values. However, this is a crucial element of your business to consider and one that you can’t afford to neglect. Your team members will be the ones carrying out your vision, and if you give them what they need to be successful, there isn’t much that can stand in your way.


People will still need trust and real relationships to develop ideas, especially because creativity comes in surges and often unexpectedly. We will work remotely but human contact is part of our DNA and we will need to establish new routines with augmented reality that can be put in place to foster collaboration and more human-like meetings instead of solely relying on cold, unemotional online meetings.