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Here Are our Secrets
Making Clients' Dreams
Come True!

Finding your niche

is the key to building your Business

Especially in industries that have a High Barrier to Entry.


Make your money go further with our investment products such as Real Estate, Luxury Car and Watches.


We says finding a niche is so important because it’s too easy to succumb to shiny object syndrome and pursue many directions without following through on any of them.


Prepare yourself and the business before starting discussions with a buyer.

Luxury Watches

No longer being just a way to tell time

Luxury watches have become statement pieces that say a lot about who you are.

“Our guests on a global scale appreciate our vision as one of the most daring high end brands with a penchant for luxury, innovation and absolute quality.

There are an increasing number of collectors and watch enthusiasts, and understanding is growing at a rapid pace. There isn’t a typical stereotype of a  guests for us; they come from all walks of life and what connects them is an intense fascination with cutting-edge watchmaking and our ‘no compromise’ approach to mechanical design and technology . Our approche can attest to a ten years of background in the spheres of luxury sales and luxury marketing so it seems only fitting that he launched Redgrave Luxury just under 10 years ago to act as an international luxury prestige product distributor.

As a business we are very close to our guests, they are passionate about evry  brand and the watches, and they tend to be eager to share this through word of mouth and increasingly online. Some of our key partners have also been brought to the brand by referrals this trust is key in building lasting relationships.

Rolex, Richard Mille, Patek Philip collectors are very important to us and it speaks volumes of not only the quality of the watches, but also the close relationships the brand has built with our clients in a relatively short time. Our collectors are very selective; they do not buy a piece unless they truly love it. This gives us the motivation to purpose  new concepts and vision that are interesting to potential clients old and new.

Our audacious and forward-looking guests appreciate what we do and they are willing to experiment and experience new directions in watchmaking. It really is a mindset rather than a simple demographic. The allure of owning one of few finely crafted limited edition timepieces, only enhances the feeling of a special circle of watch collectors they are repeat clients and self-appointed influential friends of our company and brand.

Rolex, Richard Mille, Pateck Phillip are dynamic brand that produces watches in very limited numbers which has made it both aspirational and very rare. It is the thirst of our guests for something new and different that fuels our markets, and the power of word of mouth should never be underestimated. Nor indeed should true exclusivity.

Our brand partners all serve a purpose far greater than as marketing tools; they are the ultimate real-life testing ground for our watches. Noting that visibility is strategic to continue to position of our company and brands a global watchmarker marketplace, and that participation in annual events like Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) and other horlogerie luxury events is essential for both consumer and industry contacts.

“It is important that we remain close to our clients, partners and friends and these events  can be a great way of doing this.”

The realm of haute horlogerie dictates that brands looking to recruit (and keep) their clients need to source interesting, ergonomic, and durable materials. In addition, they also need to take into account the obvious factor of whether or not the production and craftsmanship standards can be adhered to, while remaining innovative in a hyper competitive industry.

All of our brands require varying levels of research, development, tooling and finishing and this is reflected in the amount we can purpose of each model. We have brands  with different complications; automatic, manual, chronographs, tourbillons etc. We also use a variety of cutting edge materials; from titanium, carbon and ceramics to precious metals and some with a variety of settings.


your own luxury car?

I’m a car guy. Nothing makes me happier than driving around swiss mountain in my Lamborghini or Ferrari or shopping new models and trying to decide what to add to my garage next. Well, nothing is expected soon, but I’d like to inspire you to reach new heights as penny stock traders!

And what about other readers? I don’t want you to look at this list and feel down on yourself because a Fiat is sitting in your garage where your Lamborghini should be. We all start from different places, and there’s no shame in being frugal while you’re building your wealth. The mistake is to look at these pictures and think, “I could never have something like that.” Of course you can!

Do you really think there’s some huge, insurmountable difference between you and the millionaires who can afford a Lamborghini or Ferrari? There isn’t. They worked hard and went after what they wanted — and you can, too.

You can lose money and make it back, but you can’t get back your time. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, from Bill Gates to the homeless person across the street. The question is: How are you using yours? Are you making excuses or making your dreams a reality?

It all comes down to mindset. Change yours. Start to see this kind of luxury not just as a possibility for you, but as an eventuality. Use your new outlook to drive the time you invest in yourself as you learn to invest in the market and grow your account from tiny to tremendous. Your own luxury car will be waiting for you.

But we are not just car broker we make dreams a reality and the impossible possible for our clients.

Real estate investment

the most attractive ways of putting money

In the face of a global crisis, Real Estate continues to be a vehicle for generating wealth, This is shaping up to be a unique year, but unique problems mean unique opportunities.

There is a reason why it always features prominently in the portfolios of billionaires and other sophisticated investors. It offers relative stability and attractive returns.

The cut-throat world of real estate can be particularly unforgiving to new entrepreneurs. However, the payoff can be huge. if you want to develop an empire of investment properties of your own, it helps to take lessons from those who have already done it.

we’ve rounded some of the top real estate professionals who have made their mark on the industry through various channels including TV appearances, authorship, property sales and speaking engagements.

Real estate investing can have a high barrier to entry, so we honed in on turnkey real estate specifically. We explains turnkey real estate investing as buying distressed properties, renovating them, renting them out and offering investors a fully “done for you” investment in real estate.

We says finding a niche is so important because it’s too easy to succumb to shiny object syndrome and pursue many directions without following through on any of them.

Global Private Aviation Industry

A specialize campaing for this Business

How will you ever see yourself in the eye, if you are never face to face?

It’s that quote from Warren Buffet

We use to Illustrate the Importance of the Services our Company Provides to the Private Jet Business Community

Since the launch of its commercial activities in 2020, our aim is to become one of the leading names in the global private aviation industry, and all signs indicate that the company will see much greater growth in the years. To come up – after all, the regional business aviation industry, worth approximately US $ 3 billion by 2025.

With these numbers to look forward to, Pfister Swiss Luxury Group has also embarked on a campaign to specialize its business, calling us this effort a strategic move in anticipation of the future. Ultimately, we see specialization as part of our efficiency journey and we do not separate efficiency from specialization. What we are doing now is becoming a completely separate entity from a commercial, organizational, strategic and financial point of view. I think that gives us the freedom to be able to be more dynamic and more responsive to the needs of our market, as well as to the needs of our customers And Our Company Customer Service is reflected in the features it has integrated into its official website. Our website is an interactive point of sale website. We are one of the few companies where you can request a quote online and then receive it in the privacy of your own email. You can request all of our services through our website and you receive the confirmations for whatever is in your email.

Providing a better customer experience through our website will help strengthen the company’s business and its reputation in the market.

“Private aviation tends to be a very closed industry”, however. “We can turn this business into a much more nested business by [thanks to the customers] being able to interact [with you] through the website. Unlike the typical normal process where you have to go through a broker and all, we’ve made it very transparent on our website where you can request your quote and easily get all the information you need. ”

Offering our memberships to its clients is another way the company has built (and expanded) its customer base – its packages have been specially designed with a variety of incentives and offers to cater to the most demanding clients. whether short domestic trips or long international trips.

“We want to keep our customers as partners, developing memberships for them.”

“What we have seen with the growth rate and the responsiveness of the market has encouraged us to go with a more aggressive strategic plan starting in 2020 for the next five years.”

Improve your Assets

What Do You Really Want to Do With Your Assets ?

Most people go to financial planners for advice on how to manage investments, but a new trend in money management is challenging investors to take a more holistic view of their money.

Our vision to financial life planning is to encourages investors to explore personal values and take a life-centered approach to financial planning by allocating resources not only for the future, but for present-day life goals, as well.

Getting business owners, whose lives often revolve around work, to examine what gives their lives meaning is not always easy, say financial life planners who are trained to help clients explore what they really want to do with their money.

We ask questions to look into what people are really planning for in retirement and today. Most business owners’ net worth is invested in their business, so we need to get them to look at diversifying their assets.

The kinds of questions our group asks his clients include:

  • When are you happiest?
  • What would you do if you had all the money in the world?
  • If you had five to 10 years to live, and you didn’t know when you were going to die, what would
  • you want to do with your life?
  • What is the responsibility you’d most like to give up?

The answers tell me what’s important to the client and what they value, until you know where you want to go, We can’t help you get there.

Financial life planning is all about how to make your life better with your assets.

“When we sit down with our planner, he talks about what we want to do and when. Then we look at the numbers,” . “Before, I just thought all I wanted was to make the most money out of my investments. I didn’t know over what period, or what the money would be for.”

All of us talk about our lives, what’s important to us, and what we’re doing. Even if you’re frustrated about the economy, you’re not the only one who feels that way. One older man in the group had an issue about figuring out what he wanted to do when he retired, and that made me think about what I want. I’m now working on this bucket of things that appeal to me, and how I’ll pay for them.

We brings clients together for conversations that focus on questions like: How do you feel money influences your life? How do you talk to your children about money? How is the media impacting your life in the panic of this economy?

“We’re integrating what we see in our heads and hearts with the reality of inventory, banking and profits,”. “Do you share the profits with your employees, do you buy a yacht, or do you put it back into your business? Those are not financial decisions. They’re decisions of the mind and heart, made as a reflection of what we value. Money is not a destination. It’s a vehicle to get to a destination.”

While there’s specific certification process to become a wealth life planner, we says financial well-being requires practical knowledge about finance and an awareness of the emotional attitudes that drive financial decisions.

“The Great Recession has been a huge wake-up call to worlds  to re-examine their values, It’s good to examine where you are annually, so that there will be no regrets at the end of the day when the business is sold.”

We says everyone has a money biography that influences their financial decisions, and it’s important to understand what motivates financial behaviors in order to change them, if needed. Money means different things to different people, and some people may not want to talk about their spending habits.

Business owners are extraordinarily comfortable with risks taken in business, but risk-taking outside work is usually more difficult because giving up control is hard for them. Having conversations that get at the heart of what money means to someone is key to successful financial assets.