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How Customer Experience
will change
your Business?

3 Traits That

Every Good Business shares


Every new year comes with unique challenges, and with the rapidly changing consumer expectations, Today’s connected world has given rise to a new generation of customers.


Today customers have access to unlimited knowledge, require instant or speedy solutions.


A PWC research indicates that 86 percent of customers are willing to overpay for excellent customer experience and are ready to indulge in impulsing purchases after a great experience.

What Is

Customer experience?

Customer Experience is King

Customer experience is the total of all the interactions that a customer has while moving through different phases of a business relationship. It involves awareness, discovery, advocacy, conversion sale, and customer service.

However, customer experience comprises different stages, and in order to excel in it, you must understand the need to upgrade your B2C game.

Boost customer satisfaction, the bottom line.

Do you know that it’s 10X more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one? How do you keep your customers? By prioritizing customer satisfaction and experience above everything else.

Create a strategy to handle the issue, and you’ll notice a boost in customer retention. It will Improve brand loyalty and customer retention and gives you an edge over the competition.

A careful analysis of your competition is another way to identify their unique offerings or key differentiators and leverage the principles of reinforced learning in your business practices.

If you want to create moving focus and loyal customers for life, focus on getting results for those that invest with you. You build more trust when someone else is talking about what you helped them do versus you talking about what you did.

High trustworthiness

among customers

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Trust is perhaps the most crucial reason a customer interacts, engages, and makes a purchase from you. A successful business never compromises on the trust factor.

Find out how your firm is doing when it comes to consumer trust. Always  remember that there are multiple stages of building and maintaining customer trust, starting with your brand message, consistent marketing efforts, your understanding of your customer, and your ability to run co-op marketing initiatives with your partners.

Companies that establish an emotional connection with their customers generate 85% more revenue in comparison to their competitors.

Choose a customer experience matrix.

The first part of the puzzle is to identify relevant metrics to measure, analyze customer experience.

In some cases, you may want to combine more than one metric or create a custom one that works well throughout your organization.

It is important to note that these metrics can provide critical insights about your overall customer experience. Still, since every business is different, you have to give equal importance to human instincts and expertise.

Finding creative, customer-centric solutions to day-to-day challenges are at the heart of disruptive innovation. Strategically balancing time and resources between customer-experience and process excellence is a challenge.

Pay attention

among customers

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We live in a data-rich world and every single customer transaction is generating a significant amount of data. Having the right tools to collect and make sense of this data is critical for your business. At least nine out of 10 executives give credit to data analytics tools for creating a better customer experience.

Start by investing in data collection and data analysis tools. Keeping your department leads and c-executives in these exercises will help you deduce desirable outputs out of these reports.

It is critical to note that companies with a turnover of 100 Millions de CHF or more can boost their gains by more than 70 percent by investing in customer experience.

B2B Companies will get more bang for the buck by investing in product development and a data driven approach to sales, hiring and training.


real-time feedback systems

One of the easiest ways of finding out the quality of your service or interaction level with your customer is to implement real-time feedback systems.

It is important to note that employee engagement can boost your overall quality of customer experience, and tying feedbacks with individual employees will help these representatives realize the importance of their role.

It is essential to communicate often and effectively. By providing real, tangible solutions.


that works with you

Having your entire team, especially executives, onboard is critical not only for achieving desirable outputs but to motivate the rest of the staff as well. It will indicate the significance of the meeting and improve the quality of brainstorming.

Also, since your entire business relationship is divided into multiple phases or stages, having executives, as well as teams responsible for these individual phases, will give you a clear picture. You will be able to diagnose the issue within the entire customer map and find a solution or at least march towards one in the meeting.


a strategy to address concerns.

As with any other business strategy, the reports concerning individual customer stages throughout your business will change with time, and so should your strategy. Always be willing to take into account any new trends and developments to stay efficient.

Above everything else, you should be ready to implement a strategy that addresses all the problems or concerns revealed during this evaluation phase. Nothing is going to change without implementation. Ideally, you should create a time-bound implementation strategy for all of these problems and review progress periodically.

Use Technology

for your benefit

Technology has worked as a critical enabler over the past two decades.

Digital transformation is reshaping entire business models and operational practices.

Digital transformation is nothing but utilizing technology across all the segments of business, thereby driving higher efficiency and improving business processes to improve customer experience.

Digital transformation is allowing companies to create engaged customers, who are 8x more likely to experiment with a new service or product, 3x more likely to stick with your business.

Start by creating an IT environment that’s both agile and flexible. The only way to offer personalized services is to monitor customer interaction across your business, so it only makes sense to combine different modules, such as Big Data, customer database, into a single system. It’ll help you create a holistic view of your customers.
An omnichannel marketing strategy is a part of your digital transformation journey.