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Have you ever experienced
an intense feeling that takes you
in another dimension ?

We Believe That

Every experiences are deeply personal


Individuals, who drive extraordinary luxurious cars have an unending urge for this adrenaline rush, and the others? They are somehow in the pursuit of it.


You can have the ultimate adrenaline rush experience if your car is equipped with certain upgrade features. If you have been trying your best by replacing everything you can and still didn’t experience what you expect, below you might need to consider and start working on it.


In those moments you feel as if you are out of this world, and at the same time wish of never escaping it? Well, every car enthusiast who loves to drive extraordinary cars craves to experience what is mentioned above.


Using High end Carbon Fibers

Craftsmanship Made for Exclusivity

Our solid carbon parts program combines an excellent finish with an optimized fit for your sports car.

Known in motorsport, carbon is renowned in the automotive preparation industry as an extremely strong and durable material. This is the reason why carbon finishing is one of the most popular ways of upgrading in the automotive industry.

With its individual and unique appearance, carbon is the symbol for motorsport, design, lightweight construction as well as elegance and exclusivity. With us you can give free rein to your individuality: any part of your car can be coated in carbon. Whether it’s steering wheels, diffuser, tailpipe, mirrors, interior or exterior elements – the car brand plays no role.

A carbon finish for all auto parts inside and out. For you, we will enhance individual elements of your car with a real carbon finish and harmonize the excellent surface design in matt or gloss with your sports car, achieving a perfect fit.

All carbon parts are produced for you using the most modern vacuum technology and to the highest quality standards – completely individually for you. All works are individually manufactured and are individualized by hand down to the smallest detail. We don’t mass-produce, but we know every order, the details and finish as well as the name of the customer and the car. A carbon finish for all models From one-off parts to small series, with us and our competent partners Capristo Automotive and Novitec, you are at the right place if you are looking for an excellent carbon finish and production according to your wishes. No matter if it is an Maserati, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche or another car model, we always use the original carbon textile structures of the manufacturer in question, including the matt or glossy lacquer, to be able to harmonize the carbon valuation with the existing elements of your car.

Carbon finishes for exterior or interior Whether you have a Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW or Audi. We will be happy to perform the carbon upgrade for your sports car and manufacture it by hand, knowing that we can provide you with the perfect result.

Our partners Capristo Automotive and Novitec are highly qualified and have the know-how and long expertise in upgrading and processing carbon fibers for your sports car.



Craftsmanship made for Exellence

With a wide range of colors, our upholstery offers you a great choice for the desired composition which will be highlighted on the steering wheel, seats, upholstery or entire control panels – no matter if it is a new manufacturing or restoration.

Quality tools such as stitching systems and stamping processes allow us to offer you the application of the emblems to your wishes on the seats and door panels as well as on other elements.
In addition, we can still make diamond, honeycomb or diamond shaped stitching in seats, door panels and skies in our upholstery.

We offer you a steering wheel cover in the old craft tradition. With years of experience in the automotive upholstery industry, we use the highest quality fine materials for steering wheels, gear knobs, gear knob bellows and more.

Whether you have an Maserati, Bentley, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche or other car model, we use various kinds of genuine leather like perforated leather, nappa, suede or alcantara, and in combination with different stitching colors, we create subtle details.
Matt or glossy carbon in the interior or exterior depending on the vehicle manufacturer is also one of our skills.

In our modern upholstery and with the help of our partners for whom we are the general importer for the Swiss market, we create according to your personal wishes and expectations a new interior design – from individual accessories to complete special designs, quite individually.
No matter if you choose leather, suede, alcantara and decorative stitching in red or yellow, for our upholstery work we always use the same original textiles as the car manufacturers.

Saddlery for outside or inside

Whether you have a Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Tesla or Audi,BMW , We will be happy to modify your sports car in our handcrafted upholstery, knowing that we can deliver the perfect result to you.

Our partners Vorsteiner, Capristo Automotive , Novitec , Mansory, Brabus , Hamann  are highly qualified and have the know-how and a long experience in the automotive upholstery sector as well as in the upgrading and treatment of carbon for sports cars – no matter if it is. Is a new construction, a special production or a restoration.



The Highest Quality

With us you will find Capristo brand exhaust systems for all sports cars. Among others, Capristo manufactures sports exhaust systems, tailpipes of different diameters, sports mufflers, front and rear, exhaust manifolds, catalysts and much more.

All Capristo products, whether sports exhaust or tailpipes, consist of stainless steel. The problem with many standard systems is that they corrode after a while. The best solution are stainless steel systems, as they are produced by Capristo.

With the right Capristo sports exhaust system, you get optimal sound, increased sportiness and an improved driving experience, as well as maximizing the power of your sports car by up to 20%. In our shop you will find exhaust systems for the following brands: Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes.

Most valve-controlled exhaust systems open these valves based on speed or rotation. But it is not the speed or the rotation that influences the motor, it is the dynamic pressure which increases with increasing rotation and which also depends on the load state of the motor. It is here that the manufacturer introduces an innovative system for its sports exhaust systems.

Capristo’s valve control gives you the flexibility to individually adjust the dynamic pressure you want to drive; thus, you get the maximum power. The dynamic pressure which normally reduces power is extracted. This control combines all the advantages at low as well as high rpm, as the dynamic pressure can be precisely adjusted for maximum engine power.

You can determine when the flaps open yourself in “travel” and “sport” modes. The great advantage of this way of controlling sports exhaust systems is that it notices the driver’s behavior. If the driver accelerates aggressively, our instrument recognizes it by the way in which dynamic pressure occurs and instantly opens the valves. During normal throttle control, the sports exhaust valves are opened later.

All Capristo sports exhaust systems are laser measured in the development center, built on CAD data and tested before production on high performance test benches to their limits, and they are constantly being perfected. So we can offer you a perfect exhaust system from Capristo and guarantee you lifelong driving pleasure with a Capristo exhaust system.