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Our job as an auto mechatronic and high-end brand specialists, felt Connected from our idea of “real life”.


Fixing a car especially if you’re taking one apart and putting it together again requires understanding how every part of the machine fits together. You need to consider the overall problem while solving it piece by piece at a detailed level.


Our job not only guided our passion path in unexpected ways but taught we what it meant to be a hard worker and an effective leader.


By continuing to grapple with tough problems, day in and day out, we've developed confidence on our ability to set a goal and then power through until it’s met.

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We often think of leaders as visionaries who delegate the execution of their great ideas to others in our company. In our experience, however, great ideas come from people at every level of the organization.

The best leaders are builders and facilitators: They intentionally create a culture that encourages creativity, big thinking and hard work. A key piece of developing that culture is wholehearted participation in the work. Because your actions and attitude set the tone, your focus and grit matter just as much as your vision. This is true whether you work at a garage or in the corner office.

Digital Service

What it Means?

The Automotive Industry Is Seeing A Convergence of Software and Physical Devices

The way that we build manufacture vehicles have remained slowly. We may have automated parts of the plant and parts of our system, but as we look forward, it’s about using digital services and using new technologies like 3D-printing to ameliorate the cycle for development of products into niche market. The whole automotive industry is its own R&D environment from what we do in producing vehicles all the way through to delivering and using vehicles. Consumers are becoming more technology savy and interested in pieces of technology, whether it’s associated with safety entertainment or ecological impact so technology adoption rate will happen faster than it has in the past.

Most people think of digital services as streaming video ou DAB services, but there’s a variety of other things that are really interesting.

You might also use sensors from a safety perspective so if you move to autonomy, you want to make sure that everybody’s buckled before the vehicle takes off. That same sensor data that can also be used if there’s an accident. Before the crew goes to help those passengers, it would be helpful information to know how many people were in the vehicle. You’re taking the same data set in three different use cases. One might be about optimizing traffic, one would just be for safety of the people in the vehicle, and then the other one for recovery.

Imagine a self-driving vehicle. Wouldn’t you want to know in real time if there’s a problem on the vehicle? Think of it as predictive maintenance that self-dispatches itself or moves itself to a safe spot. The way I’d like to position it is that the vehicle is a giant rolling data warehouse. The vehicle becomes its own software stack and everything that you want to access is a piece of software. You have a physical good and every physical good has a digital service associated with it.

Be ambitious

to overtake the traditional automotive industry

We think that there’s a convergence happening, and you can see that in Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati. It’s a convergence of the software world with the physical device world. It may have started with your home devices such as an camera or a connected Alarm, but you’re finding that convergence now happening in the automotive world.

When you think about having a virtual driver system or virtual cockpit, the software needs to talk to the vehicle, and you need people that know how the vehicle operates. So, you have the AI world coming to the physical world and converging. I don’t think it’s an either/or scenario, we think it’s a combined effort.

Ferrari has many subsudary teh company, and it’s getting the most out of those partnership, those relationships, the understanding, and the collaboration. It’s everything from marrying the physical with the digital to new business models and new ways of looking at how you increase value for high end customers .