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battista luxury car designed by pininfarina

Automobile Companies are
of the E-Mobility?

Massive steps

To facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles

Despite the industry being at a nascent stage, high number of myths associated with the power, protection and performance of electric vehicles have taken over the prospective buyers’good judgment


There is a great opportunity for a serious Swiss entrepreneur to get into electric vehicle manufacturing with local design and development. A well-targeted vehicle based on R&D would be a serious contender for long-term success.


Strict environmental standards force OEMs to continually invest in their vehicles. The Swiss government takes strict emissions controls very seriously and has a time-bound plan in place to switch to electric vehicles.


With modern consumers willing to seek out new solutions and experiences, EV has great potential to take over swiss roads in the coming years.


in high-end technology

Adopt “Make In Switzerland” from the start and improve the supply chain with localization targets right off the bat. Work with local battery and powertrain supplier partners and a team of committed engineers led by a seasoned industry professional.



just sell the vehicle;

Swiss companies need to develop reliable technologies that would change the way the market views electric cars today. The market image of a TOP of the line, poorly designed must change, modern OEMs must work with design houses, investing in contemporary and sleek designs in the metallic body. On the performance side, manufacturers must guarantee battery performance with a highly efficient thermal management system and highly efficient driveline. In addition, safety is an essential part of the VE. It will make the difference between an ordinary product and a high end product.

  • Provide an end-to-end solution to the customer, which will include the vehicle as a service;
  • Offer a complete mobility solution, not just a vehicle;
  • Adopt a hardware-as-a-service model.
The environment

has been the only winner

In the post COVID-19 world

This is where the focus on quality, reliability and technology comes in. A supply chain with reliable supplier partners for these critical parts like Li-Ion batteries must be in place. The Swiss must find supply lines for critical materials and quickly build their mega battery. The choice of battery technology must be made with care and a safety protocol must be established. Switzerland must forge partnerships with foreign countries for the supply of lithium, cobalt, copper and other minerals and materials for mass energy security. On the demand side, successful companies will create a pan-Swiss network to provide mobility as a service solution. Automakers need to look for export markets now. Collaborations should be established in regions where the demand for these vehicles is inevitably huge.

Every electric vehicle OEM’S in Switzerland with the above manufacturing vision should aim to be a premium electric vehicle maker.

Having the Tesla manufactured in Switzerland should be our vision of EV.

With the rapid adoption of electric vehicles in Switzerland, it will be necessary to constantly innovate in the electric car industry to meet consumer demand. The electric vehicle market is set to catalyze new business models, including battery replacement technology and battery charging, paving the way for economic growth and job creation.


foraying into electric mobility

Porche’s is fast becoming a reality with its all electric Mission E concept.

The Mission E is the internal designation for an all-electric four-door coupe from Porsche, which was unveiled as a concept car at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Last year at Porsche’s “70 years of sports cars” ceremony, it was announced that the Mission E’s production car name would be Porsche Taycan, roughly translated from Turkish as “lively young horse”, in reference to the steed of the Stuttgart coat of arms on the Porsche crest.

Taycan is also Porche’s first all-electric car.

The Lamborghini’s dream comes true

In 2018, Italian auto manufacturer Lamborghini signed a partnership with Ital technology to produce the first range of electric bikes bearing the Lamborghini name at its museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

The e-bikes by the Italian auto component firm Italtechnology are the result of over five years’ research and feature technological innovation, cutting-edge design, and four international patents. The first two versions of pedal assist bikes bearing the brand name are available online and through selected specialized retailers worldwide.