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Cultivating a High-Performance Company Culture Means to  Business Leaders

At Pfister Swiss Luxury Group, a high-performance culture means that we hire for and cultivate amazing people who are supported to excel, who believe in both doing well and doing right in order to reach our company’s goals. Communication and prioritization are two of the key elements for us, and we consciously seek out ways to integrate them so that that our team members can be successful in their roles and perform to the best of their abilities.

From a people management perspective, we love exploring creative, inspiring and useful ways to help all of our stakeholders, and it’s critical to always do so with integrity. Finally, we would also say that we don’t shy away from challenges because we know that the end result of hard work will be that we’re helping more people to increase value .


Highlighting how you approach and conduct business.

To our team at pfisterluxurygroup, a high-performance culture means three things: a culture strong enough to attract talent that raises the bar on what’s possible in your company, remarkable enough to keep high talent excited to come to work every day, and transparent enough to keep identifying awsome  ideas from employees at every level of the organization.

Done right, culture should serve as a promise to your employees and your clients on how you look after your business and go beyond telling a story to helping inform how employees actually behave on a daily approach.


Help our team succeed more.

It’s simple. If my team succeeds, we succeed. If we  succeed, they succeed. This is a wonderful balance we must preserve if we’re to keep our business afloat. In 2020, our  resolution is to spend more time with the team, helping them see, and achieve, their goals. The purpose is to align their goals with company  and to match both of our expectations. Being on the same page can only benefit our collaboration .

Anyone who knows me knows  like to work. No, really, I do. I get up early, stay late and am constantly on the move. Yet, despite my immense love for my work, I look forward to the day where my only “work” is working at my ranch in South Dakota. That is why I want to help my team members succeed, so that one day, they take over the reins and I can just sit back and enjoy life a little. That will put me closer to my goal of being richer than I am today and living the life I have always dreamed of.

Now that you’ve set your resolutions for the New Year, you must maintain them. Otherwise, all the time and effort you’ve spent on making your business better will be for naught. And 2016 will be a pretty down year.


When we create inspired teams, it has many benefits.

There’s a strong correlation between top-performing athletic teams and the corporate world, in that both understand the extreme importance of teamwork.

They become self-starters, they take ownership and accountability for success. They become solution orientated, build momentum and need much less management. It creates a healthy environment which is more engaged, more fun and less stressful for everyone involved.

Look for the hard work DNA :

One of the worst decisions we ever made when it came time to assembling a team around us was paying too much attention to resumes and overlooking what mattered most, the “hard workDNA,” as w like to call it. You want to be able to form a team of people who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. The hard worker DNA is now one of the first things we look for, because we can’t be taught. Our philosophy is if you are a relentless worker who never settles for mediocrity and wants to make a tremendous difference in the marketplace, we can teach you the technical aspects of our  business.

Once you’ve assembled your dream team, nothing should stand in the way of advancing your vision.

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