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The customer is moving today. So he goes to different places; he comes to Geneva, he goes maybe to Zurich, he goes to Luzern…

So the idea is, really, to follow our customer, and to be a part of his world. That’s the key element of our know how. We are in sports. We are in lifestyle. We are with cars. We are in art. We are in real estate.

So we think that today, you must really go in all these different worlds, and that’s how you can really touch your consumer.

Want to be a luxury watch collector?

Meet watch expert, who tells you how to invest, buy, sell, understand the analog business

The world of horology is all about mastering the art of timepieces and measuring time.

Understand the Horology Trade:

The selling and buying of a luxury good is an art and if you don’t have what it takes, you can be conned easily. Explaining the basics of horology trade she listed five things that everyone must keep in mind:

  • Buying the right watches can represent a safe investment;
  • To buy the right watches you must have good knowledge;
  • Private collectors should remain private collectors and not speculating or pretending to be dealers;
  • Be aware of buying online on some of the most popular platforms, not every watch is good;
  • When the watch is too cheap, there’s something wrong.
Why you Collect and Auction Luxury Watch:

The market keeps changing and it is important to follow what happens at the international auctions to understand trends, prices, and more. She suggests a few things:

  • Look for reliable information;
  • Collectors need good guides in the difficult world of collecting luxury watches;
  • Do not trust everything you read online. They could confuse the collector’s mind;
  • Buy from reliable sellers, unfortunately, many of the watch sellers we see online don’t sell genuine and 100% good watches;

Talking about the auction, something everyone is curious about she highlighted

“It is not easy to find the right time to sell at auction. There are too many factors to consider – first of all, the sentimental feeling for the timepieces, as well as the conditions of it.”

The Collector:

Considering they are collectors themself, Pfister Swiss Luxury Group is working on rebuilding a similar quantum that they once had. And it’s quite intriguing to know the nitty-gritty of how they function.

“We look for pieces that are not produced much or are rare. History plays an important role and it has to be a good investment. Once we buy it, we store it safely.”

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